5 Reasons to Look for Optimized Coding

5 Reasons to look for optimize coding

Writing the code is not just about scripts and correct logic. It is more than that, having many more elements. A good code must be optimized so that it can be robust for the future use. Code optimization is a process which has different levels and we can optimize the code on these levels like development level, assembly level, source code level, etc.

Code optimization is a time taking process and projects can be large, but the results are very positive. Here are some major benefits of the optimized coding-

5 Reasons to look for Optimized Coding

1. Improve Code readability

Code readability is one of the most important factors for good coding skills. An un-optimized code with improper syntax can be very difficult to read for the other developers. Every software or website needs some modifications and new features, after their release. Without an optimized code, it will be very difficult to read the previous code and implement new features in that code.

2. Faster Site / Software

One of the positive results of the code optimization is faster software and website. An optimized code undoubtedly works faster and consumes less memory. For websites, well written code makes a web page lighter and it loads fast.

3. Clean Code Base

When a project starts, more developers are involved in it. A well optimized code provides other developers a clean code base, they can easily understand the workflow of the project and start developing new features.

4. Easier Code Maintenance

Every software needs maintenance and it is never a fun activity for a programmer. An unoptimized code can make the situation worse for a developer. While on the other hand, optimized code can be rewarding for the programmer. Proper data management, dependency management, version control etc. can make a project easier to maintain.

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5. Improved Workflow

Most of the biggest development projects are divided into different teams. All these teams work on the same project and it is one of the hardest way of working. In many cases, every developer should be aware of what others are developing and how to use their modules. In such scenario, proper coding format and style guides can simplify the workflow.

It is not possible to write a code which is 100% right and error free but if we properly optimize our code, we will surely develop a software with minimum technical glitches.