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"I was born with the dream of creating software that can help companies and people to simplify their life, managing their own activity in a perfect way. After years of efforts, I have reached to that goal.
This is also my Dogma, for this reason we will go on improving in the development, together with our team and our customers, thus growing day by day." Mauro Chiarugi




homemyrent MyRent

MyRent is the most complete solution for the needs of a rental company, full of options and easy to use. MyRent is the perfect support for the renter.

» VISIT WEBSITE - myrent.dogmasystems.com

homemyfleet MyFleet

MyFleet is the software for fleet manager that needs an instrument for the management, organization and optimization of the corporate fleet.

» VISIT WEBSITE - www.fleetmanager.it

homemyguardian MyGuardian

The MyGuardian locator is what an enterpreneur needs for managing and control its fleet, both for rental and private companies.

» VISIT WEBSITE - myguardian.dogmasystems.com


  • ponte_26_aprile 04.24.2013 - Other Holidays on 26th of April

    The 26th of Aprile 2013 our offices are closed .
    The emails sent to technical assistance will be answered from Monday the 29th of April.

    Thanks for your collaboration

    Dogma Systems team

  • News_LasVegas 04.10.2013 - Rental News Let's meet at Las Vegas!

    Car Rental Show, 15 -16 April 2013, Las Vegas

    Also Dogma Systems will visit the most important show of car rental. If you are interested on meeting us directly, contact us!

  • news_swipe 04.10.2013 - Software Development New integration for inserting data!

    With the Swipe integrated to MyREnt from today tyou can cut the times for inserting data in the anagraphic. Swiping credit cards and fidelity cards you will have at your disposal all the information you need!



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