A Dedicated Team of Developers – The Pillars of a Software Development Company

dedicated software development team

Software Development is not an easy task and behind every successful software, there is a dedicated team. This Team is responsible for every activity behind the development from starting to the end. As a software development company, it is important to understand every aspect of the development. A good software team understands the client requirement and offers the best software solution. Here are different profiles of a software development team.

Project Manager

Project Manager is the key of software development process and is responsible for organizing all the tasks and resource allocation. The project manager controls the project by defining the team and coordinating with the team members. It is his/her responsibility to finish the project within the deadline and budget. A good project manager must have good management skills and knowledge about the software development process.

Business Analyst

Business Analyst is a profile who communicates with the client and conveys the message to the team in the most effective manner. A business analyst should be capable to understand the objectives of the client. He/she will define all the project specifications and strategies. Good technical and management skills are required for this profile.

Software Architect

Software architect is another important profile of software development process. A software architect is the person responsible for constructing the project. The architect will define the layout of the project based on the requirements and business. A software architect should be capable to provide solutions. A good programming skill and understanding of the business, both are required for this profile.

Designing Team

Once the layout is finalized, the designer starts working on it. The designer is responsible for look and feel as well as for the user interface of the software. A designer should be familiar with visual designs and must have a strong sense of color combinations and web standards.

Development Team

A Software developer writes the code for functioning of the software. He/She should be able to implement all the features and functionalities as decided by the architect. The developer should have the expertise in the programming language and able to deliver the robust and bug free software.

QA / Testing Team

A software cannot be delivered to the client without testing. A quality analyst or a tester is the well-suited person who performs various test cases and manual checkup and finds out the bugs in the software. A tester should make it sure that the project is ready for use and there are no technical or functional glitches in it. A good tester makes a software better and error free.

These different profiles should be included in a software development team. It is important that every member knows what other team members are doing and how much they have completed. At Dogma Systems, the software development team coordinates with each other to provide the best results. Find out more details about Dogma Systems Software Development Process.

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