Scrum- A Methodology or a Framework

scrum framework

We all have heard a lot about the scrum and it is widely used by the companies to achieve their development goals. Scrum is a part of the Agile which helps in completing complex projects. It is a development process where the team works together to accomplish the target. Many people seem it as a methodology, but scrum is actually a process framework for agile development. The best part of the scrum is that during the process the customer can change their mind about the requirements in the final product which is somewhere not possible in traditional methods.

Scrum framework is different from traditional methods, unlike other methods the project is basically up to the scrum development team and there is no need to provide a detailed description and everything about the project. This is why the scrum team is self-organizing and cross functional.

How Scrum Works?

Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation are the three pillars of the scrum framework. Every task should be visible and should be inspected by the team regularly. In the scrum, the project has analyzed by the team on every step and by doing that it is easy to recognize and proofread if something is not according to the plan. In this process the team uses the iterative and incremental practices which help in developing the complex projects. In compare to traditional development methods like” Waterfall method”, scrum reduces the time and increases the productivity. In the scrum, all the team members communicate with each other and discuss about the best way and methods to accomplish the tasks and delivery of the product.

Scrum process has some values which is the foundation of the team and insure the success and quality. These values are- • Focus • Commitment • Courage • Openness • Respect

Mainly there are three basic roles in the scrum framework. Every role is defined in a unique way and together they achieve the top level of thee performance.

Product Owner

The Product owner is one who mainly communicates with the customer and ensure that the team delivers value to the business. The product owner is responsible for sharing the vision and the goal with the development team and at the same time should be available to clarifies the queries of the team. Sometimes the role of product owner will combine with the scrum master, but it is important to know that product owner is different from the scrum master and this role focuses on the business side of the product. It is something which acts as a bridge between the customer and the development team. It is his/her responsibility to demonstrate the solution to stakeholders, announces the releases, organize the reviews and communicates team status.

Project Development Team

According to the scrum values and process, the development team should be self- organizing and self-managing. A development team can include 3- 9 members who are responsible for delivering the product. A development team should be skilled and technically strong which can understand the client’s requirement and implement their ideas into the product.

The development team analyses, design, develop and test the product and then the final product delivered to the customer.

Scrum Master

You may have heard this Scrum Master word many times. Scrum master acts as a coach for the development team and is responsible for helping the development team to deliver the product. Scrum master is accountable to solve any distracting influences of the development team as well as ensuring that the scrum framework is followed or not.

It is the responsibility of scrum master to encourage the team by holding some sessions and describing the framework. Some of the basic duties of the scrum master are- • Promoting and encouraging the team and coach them to deliver the high quality results. • Conducting team meeting and sessions to ensure the scrum process is followed or not. • Helping product owner to maintain the product backlog. • Taking inputs from the stakeholders and describing to the team.

Scrum Workflow

Scrum is based on the iteration or sprint. A specific amount of times is fixed for every task in the process and a sprint is normally between one week to a month. At the start of each sprint, a planning has performed about the work needs to be done in the phase. At the end of the sprint, reviews and analysis have been done so that next sprint can be analyzed.

Basically, we can define the whole workflow in the three parts.

Planning Planning has to be done at the beginning of a sprint. The team discusses about the tasks that needed to be done in the sprint.

Daily Scrum It is an important phase of the scrum framework. During a sprint, every day the team holds a scrum meeting where all the members of the development team communicate about the tasks they finished previous day, the work that is needed to be done on the present day and about any impediment which restrict them to achieve the target. The scrum meeting should be quick and limited to fifteen minutes.

Review At the end of the sprint the team gathers and review the work completed and needs to be completed.

A scrum is not a methodology, but it is a framework of agile which helps an organization to deliver the quality results in less time. Many organizations have applied this framework after discovering its benefits.

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