5 Questions to Discuss between Client and Software Development Company

Software development is a complicated and challenging process. A complete software development is not only about writing codes and developing the final product, but it is a method which includes several phases which should be performed in an organized manner.

Before starting the development of any product, it is very important for the software company and the client, both to discuss some important facets of the software. They should ask some important questions with each other in order to get the best final product.

Here are 5 questions to discuss between the client and the software development company-

Software Development Questionnaire

1. What is the Goal of the Software?

Before beginning the software development, it is a good practice to analyze about the goal of the software. Try to find out what end users are looking for and what should be the aim while development. Also try to find out how other companies made mistakes and how you can overcome on it.

2. What Features are the Most Important for the Customer?

Once you have identified the goal of the software, now focus on the features of the software. It is important to determine which are the most important features for the end users. Try to get a clear understanding about what a user is expecting from the software. This requires the analysis about the target audience and some Q&A sessions will them can be useful to get an idea.

3. What are the Phases of the Software Development?

For any successful software development project, the client should be aware with the phases involved in it. Only writing code and finishing the project is not sufficient. If you want a robust and goal oriented software, you should discuss the phases involved in the software development.

Sometimes software companies ignore the software development life cycle and they directly start developing the

software. Make it sure that the company is following a suitable development model. Apart from that there are different kinds of development model like agile, scrum, etc. Remember that requirements gathering, specification of the software, prototype designing, testing and quality assurance are as important as development. Don’t ignore any of them.

4. What is the Best Suited Programming Language and tools?

There are various programming languages and tools to develop a software. Perl, Java, C++, PHP, Visual Basic, Python, etc. are some of the programming languages used for the software development. Every language has some specific features and roles in the development. Ask from your development company about it, if they have some specific interest. Depending on your software specifications and recommendations of the company, choose the programming language and tools.

5. Which type of Professionals required for the Software Development?

Once everything has decided, you should consider the right professionals to develop your custom software. Ask about the experience of the software team who will work on the software. It is important that all the developers are aware with software specification and familiar with the tools and technologies associated with it.

Software development is a tedious process and it is very challenging to develop a software which exactly fulfills the features and demands proposed. By asking all these questions with each other, you can ensure the desired software development.

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