5 Reasons why Testing is an Integral Part of Software Development

software testing

Software testing is an important phase of the software development life cycle. Most of the software development companies understand the significance of testing and quality assurance, but still there are many who overlook this important step before the final delivery.

Software testing and quality assurance, not only helps in bug fixing and correction of code, but also it is good for company’s overall reputation.

Here are 5 reasons to focus on quality assurance and software testing before the final delivery of the project-

1. Improved Quality of the Software

Software testing and quality assurance is useful to maintain the compatibility of the software. No matter how many times a developer tested the code by himself, there are chances of bugs in every software. A software tester can find that bug before you deliver the final product to the customer.

2. Makes you Sure What you have Done

Sometimes you build something which is slightly different from the software you were supposed to build. A customer will never appreciate this change. By doing a proper software testing, the company verifies all the functions and widgets before delivering the software. In this way, you will develop what you are supposed to do.

3. There is Always a Chance that a User Will Look in Suspected Areas

Often software developer overlooks some small mistakes hoping that the customer will not consider that. Sometimes it happens by mistake. When a software goes to a testing team, they focus on every detail of it and makes it sure that it is bug free and ready to deliver.

4. There are Many Browsers, Operating Systems and Devices

We are living in the age where there are many devices, operating systems and browsers. It seems great to have all these varieties, but for developers, it’s a tough task to make a software compatible with multiple platforms. In this case, it is important to test the software that it’s working proper or not.

5. Customer has Lots of Other Choices

Last but not the least, you cannot ignore the importance of the software testing and quality assurance because there are many competitors in the market who are ready to take your place. If you will not provide an error free software, it can turn into a huge loss for your company.

Improving the quality of the software and making it error free for the user, always makes a positive impact on the customer. For more stories and information, keep in touch with us or contact us.