5 Silly Excuses for not having a Website

reasons for not having a website

Running a business has never been an easy task, whether it’s a small business or a big organization. For every small or big businesses there are some technologies, tools and advance elements which are very important to implement. Being aware with modern technologies and using them into the business to get the success is also very important. Web development is also one of the important elements for every business.

Web Development not only helps a business to connect with people and provide them detailed information about the products and services, but is also good for creating a brand value in the market, especially for small businesses. Although most of the people know the fact that everyone is online these days, and many people search for products and services online, still some companies ignore the web development part. Many small businesses don’t have a website, which could be a major factor for their growth. Here are some excuses from the small businesses for not having a website.

1. No Need of a Website

This is probably the silliest reason for not having a website. You cannot assume that your business does not need a website. In America, there are 84% internet users and 96% of them are aged between 18-49. Internet users are growing very fast in the whole world. By giving this excuse, businesses are losing some of their online customers as well as a great opportunity to deliver the business in the hand of every online user.

2. We don’t have the Budget

Many of the small business owners will say, we don’t have a budget for the web development right now. The reality is that, you don’t necessarily need to spend Lacs of Rupees for web development. You can get a website in a minimum amount as per your requirement and the budget. There are many website builders which are very cost effective.

3. We have Enough Customers

That again seems a weird excuse for not having a website. How you can miss the opportunity to make new customers and expand your market. Nearly half of the mobile searches are all about finding local businesses so there is always a chance to make new customers via online.

4. None of our Competitors have a Website

If your competitor’s do not have websites, then it’s a great opportunity to develop a website and step into the online world with your business. In this way, you will be the first one from your industry to become online and all the users will look up to you. You will face less competition in this scenario.

5. We use Social Media Instead

That’s a good thing to use social media to promote your services and products. If you will have a website, you can link it to your social posts and can convert your viewers into your customers.

Your customers are looking for you in the online world, a website development is a great way to connect them and deliver them all the information in the most trusted way. If you want more details about the website development services, contact us.