customer feedback

Customer feedback is a professional term, by which means getting opinion of the customer about a service. It is a very important part in the success of any company, which we cannot ignore in any circumstance. Customer Relationship and opinions are equally important for a software development company, which helps in understanding the needs and […]

Grails Framework

Grails is a powerful web framework which is based on the Groovy, made for the Java platform. It is an open source web application framework that is basically made for the high productivity. It follows the “Coding by Convention” paradigm. Previously Grails was known as Groovy on Rails, but changes in March 2006 after request […]

5 elements for a website development

When the whole world is using internet for different reasons, web development has become very important for the businesses. Every business or entrepreneurs want recognition and web development is the best way to showcase the services on the internet uniquely. A great website made a huge impact on its viewers and helps in achieving more […]