What is a Child Theme in WordPress and Why We Should Use it?

wordpress child theme

When we see any good website developed in the WordPress, we want to know which template they are using for the development? If you will ask any WordPress developer, more likely his/her answer will be a custom child template. Most of us are aware of child theme or template in the WordPress and who do not have any idea about it, this post can help you to get a basic knowledge about the custom child theme or template.

What is WordPress Child Theme?

A WordPress child theme inherits the features and functionalities from its parent theme. Child theme is used when we want to customize the theme and do not want any glitches in the design and functionality at the time of theme upgrade. Before the concept of child themes there was no method to upgrade a theme without losing all the custom changes and styles. The concept of parent theme and child theme solved this problem and gave a perfect way to do own styling and option of keeping websites safe and updated.

Why We Should use a WordPress Child Theme?

There are many advantages of using a child theme for WordPress development. Most of the sites are based on the child themes of a particular theme framework. In case if you are regularly updating your theme’s functions.php and style.css file, you must use a child theme for the development. Here are some other advantages of using a child theme-

  • • A child theme automatically inherits the features and functionalities of the parent theme and allows us to make changes in the style and functions.
  • • A child theme built by using a proper parent theme is always easy to extend without writing a lot of code.
  • • You can easily update the WordPress and theme which ensures the safety of the website.
  • • Child theme can save maximum development time because when we create a theme from scratch, we must think about the processes and write the code. With child theme, we can use everything from the parent template.

Using a child theme is always a better option but it also depends on your need. If you have to do modifications and you are good at coding, you should develop a child theme for you. It is also very important to choose a right parent theme for maintaining the quality.

Find out how to create a child theme and other basics on our next articles. For more details on WordPress Development Services, you can contact us.