Dogma Systems is a Software Development Company established in 2008 from the dream of Mauro Chiarugi, for developing the software and offering the solutions that can allow companies and people to work in the ideal way by simplifying their activities.

What we do

Dogma Systems is an IT outsourcing company, which develops and delivers quality software and solutions that satisfies the client requirements. Perfection and Excellence are the characteristics of our work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best solutions and creative ideas. We want to contribute and take part in the construction of a better future through the advance technologies.

Our Team

We have a bouquet of a dedicated and skilled team, which have the combination of experience and fresh ideas. They understand what a client is actually looking for and deliver high quality solutions and services.

Our Business Strategy

We believe that the success of our customers is actually the best reward for our company. Dogma Systems has a great working environment where the new ideas can grow and the experience of the team can be used in the best way. We use advance technologies and brief knowledge to achieve the goal and offer the best possible solution.

Dogma Systems is a Young and Dynamic Enterprise that has reached to Big Results and is continuously Growing. We believe in complete Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance.

In the words of Mauro Chiarugi, the C.E.O. of Dogma Systems

Dogma products are the point of reference for Italian and foreign companies, in fact, we have always considered the world as a unique big market, and we are committed to develop useful solutions for all the people and for all companies present everywhere in the world.

The secret that is at the basis of the success with a lot of possibilities of
growth is simple but challenging at the same time is
“listening to the customers so that the company improves its services
and products every day and continuing to win more market share.

We offer effective automotive solutions for car rental and fleet companies. Dogma Guardian, MyRent and MyFleet are our products which help companies to do business with comfort. This is the result of our hard work and support that today we have many satisfied clients.

Years of experience, successful projects, satisfied clients and skilled team are few factors which makes us stand in a strong position in the market.