Dogma Systems team is made up of Talented, Committed & Passionate guys.If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can email us at info@dogmasystems.com or give us a ring at +91 8800297574 or at +91 9999316314 and we’ll help you out.


Everything started with a dream: my family, my company, my first software. I love to say “If I can dream it, I can achieve it!” My passions are software development, technologies, marketing, etc… Well, I’ve a lot of passions! Dogma Systems is the company that helps me to explore these fields and moving a step forward every day. I love to work there with all Dogma Systems people: enthusiastic, fun and smarter colleagues I’ve ever had.

Mauro Chiarugi

Founder and CEO

I am a passionate Traveller with a dream to travel the world before age 60. While working in Dogma Systems I have learned that there is no wrong time to explore opportunities. With hard work, guidance and enthusiasm you can master everything you want. Thanks to the team!

Gyaneshwari Tiwari

Country Head and Sales & Marketing Manager

I love the  mountain, symbol of freedom, the mountain bike, symbol of dedication and effort. I love using all my energy for achieving the aims. In Dogma I can express  my potentials to the best.

Christian De Angelis

Project Manager

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Four P’s define my life – Passion , Practise , Perservance and Patience.

Abhinav Balajee

Website Designer & Digital Marketing

Working in Dogma Systems i could learn a lot! I go to work with a sense of ownership. Working in Dogma Systems has taught me a lot! I go to work with a great sense of responsibility. I am also a lover of music and a composer and remixing digital music since 2002. You can find me on sound-cloud and Acidplanet.

Manish Badola

UI Designer – Web & Mobile

I always love to go all out to achieve its objectives and always be at peace with myself !

Francesca Latini

Accounting Executive

A friendly environment, which boost your professional as well as personal growth. Enjoy the work alot @ Dogma Systems.

Khamendra Bhati

Business Development Manager

Every next level of your life demands a new version of You.So I keep on learning and Working at Dogma is about learning new technologies with enthusiasm under guidance of Mauro our mentor.

Kavi Bhyana

Java & Grails Developer

I have many passion, but the most important are violin and tango. What about software development? I love it, I think it is a union of logic and creativity. In Dogma Systems I found a company that help me step by step to be a new better person and I’m lucky to work and have fun with the Dogma team.

Andrea Baldini

Head – Software Development

My passion is to improve myself and to visit new places. Dogma Systems allowed me to grow a lot. I learnt new technologies inside a very nice team work and I feel proud to work for this company.

Madhvendra Thakur

Java Developer

I am a passionate Tech Enthusiast, Developer cum Hacker. I enjoy working at Dogma Systems a lot as there is a great work & life balance and you get enough time to follow your taboo/passion/hobby.

Saurabh Mishra

iOS Developer

My passion is to develop web applications using Java. My  work experience with Dogma systems is enjoyable, I work in a very good environment, and I have great support from the members of the team that provide a better learning for development. We have great opportunities of internal growth.

Har Narayan Vishwakarma

Java Developer

My passion is to write and meet the heart of people. Dogma Systems is a company that allows me to express better my skills, potential and to put my talent in the game to provide useful solutions to others, reunite together the diversity/difference of the world in a Unicum. By working in a young and international environment I can build the world of peace that I want for my children.

Nicoletta Cantori

Marketing Executive, Sales & Customer Care

I am a passionate about analysis of the latest marketing trends. I love reading and writing on different aspects. I really enjoy working in Dogma Systems with all my colleagues. It’s a great place to work and grow professionally in a positive atmosphere.

Pratibha Verma

Digital Marketing Executive

My passion is learning new things and trying new cuisines. A person can be successful in almost everything they have unlimited enthusiasm. I like to work in Dogma because every day I learn new things for improving my knowledge and my skills.

Rashmi Rawat

Java Developer

I love to work with passion and commitment I always have . In Dogma Systems I found a dynamic, promising and with all the necessary requirements to have an exponential growth in the future . Take care of customers and their satisfaction is my daily goal .

Andrea Agostinelli

Key Account & Sales Executive

My passion is Technology and System integration. With DogmaSystems I have the chance to work on It!

Federico Chiariotti

IT Executive & Customer Care

My passion is learning and taking challenges. Dogma Systems has given me a platform to utilize my inner skills and motivated me to improve by providing opportunities. It just not helped me to establish my career but it has also opened a door for me in the world of IT.

Falguni Chaudhary

Italian Language Expert

Dogma Systems team is made up of Talented, Committed & Passionate guys.

Veronica Pierdica

Accounting Executive

My passion is to improve myself and to visit new places. Dogma Systems allowed me to grow a lot. I learnt new technologies inside a very nice team work and I feel proud to work for this company.

Sargam Dhamija

Java Developer

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