Grails – A Powerful Framework for multiplying Developers’ Productivity

Grails Framework

Grails is a powerful web framework which is based on the Groovy, made for the Java platform. It is an open source web application framework that is basically made for the high productivity. It follows the “Coding by Convention” paradigm.

Previously Grails was known as Groovy on Rails, but changes in March 2006 after request by the founders of Ruby on Rails. Grails smoothly integrates with JVM and provide powerful features like Domain Specific Languages, integrated ORM, runtime and compile-time meta-programming and asynchronous programming.

Advantages of Grails Framework:

Grails has a very different way of creating web apps in comparison of servlet, JSP etc. Following are the major advantages of using Grails framework which makes it different from othesr:
  • Ready to use Development Environment
  • No XML configuration
  • Functionally available through mixins

Why to use Grails for Development?

Apart from the 3 major advantages, there are many reasons to choose this framework and few of them are:
  • We get choice in Grails from number of frameworks, views and application servers. It allows to deploy project into any of the J2EE web server.
  • Grails supports both view technologies JSP and GSP.
  • Groovy language, opinionated API’s and convention over configuration all make Grails easy to understand for the Java developers.
  • Excessive support in text editors and IDE’s like Eclipse, Sublime, IntelliJ Idea etc.
  • Re-use of spring and Hibernate Java technologies under a single interface.
  • It also offers sample applications to understand the framework.

In short Grails have all the powerful features, view technologies, plugins. all these features help a developer to build a modern and robust web application. It is the best platform for the developers who are looking for a high productivity environment to build the web based applications.

There are still many software development companies in the market who are not aware of this powerful groovy based web application framework for the JVM. But what we have found that Grails is an excellent framework which brings productivity, quality and powerful features which results in desired web application and software development.