How to Improve your Adwords Ad Relevancy

adwords ad relevancy

Ad relevancy in adwords plays an important role in the positioning of your ads and increasing quality scores. It can help you to drive more clicks and visits on your website. Google recently released the improvements to quality score reporting and the data can help you to create more relevant and better PPC ads.

Improvement for Advertisers by Google- Here are some changes done by Google in the for the advertisers-

  • Now you can easily see and analyze how your score has changed over the time.

  • Adwords has added a new column to the keywords tab. It is names as quality score component and help to see better results.

  • Now you can export the data which make it easier to analyze the reports.

Improve your Adwords Ad Relevancy

Ad relevancy plays and important role in improving your ad copy and better positioning of ads. The connection between the ad copy and keyword is a major factor for defining ad relevancy. Here are some tips to improve the relevancy of your ad-

  • Make sure that your top keywords are in your ad copy. Try to fit your top keyword into the ad headline, body and display URL.

  • Create tightly themed ad groups by using related keywords only. You can use 5-20 keywords per ad group.

  • Do not overdo while creating an ad. Sometimes using fancy eye catching words can be harmful for you. Keep it simple and phrases which people use for the search.

  • A good landing page experience is also very important to create quality ads with ad relevancy. A landing page should be easy to read and the content of the landing page must be related to the ad. You can create specific landing pages for specific ad groups to keep it relevant and easy to find the right information for users.

  • Include your main keyword in the display url. You can use it after a slash (/) after the end of the website domain name.

Better ad relevancy leads to higher quality score which results into lower cost per click. Improving ad relevancy can result in overall improvement of your PPC Ad campaign and help you to show your ads on a higher position.

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