online marketing


We offer our clients a Complete Sphere of Digital Marketing services which cater to their requirement of
being at the top on web spectrum.

Social presence is important when it comes to reaching the customers, influencer and decision makers. Today there are 1.44 billion monthly active users on Facebook worldwide out of which

72% people are in income group of more than $75K.

Doesn’t that make them just the right audience for your product?

Even if your product is for the tier 1 audience, Facebook certainly can help you reach them. The same goes for other social media platforms also. Marketers consider LinkedIn as the best channel to target the CXOs, Twitter is best to spread your message fastest.

Now the question arises how to be present on all social platforms and reach the right audience?



Search Engine Marketing

A buyer first tends to make a check about the product on web, for which he uses Google in most countries.

Google gives search engine results for the respective keyword and shows ads from sellers of that product.

Bidding on Google to display your ad on top Google Search for the most relevant keyword. It also includes targeting audiences who show interest in your product once but did not buy it.


Social Media Marketing

Brand presence on social platforms with a blend of engaging content to bring brand loyalty, product information spread, word of mouth for product and potential buyers.

These platforms majorly include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest etc.


Content Generation & Marketing

In digital media you will find it written many times that “Content is King”. Why Content is King? Only appropriate content triggers for right the keyword.

All searches made on Google or other search engines is made using a string of text which is called a Keyword.

If your content explains exactly about the keyword then your website will be triggered up by search engine. We generate original, crisp and to the point content for your website.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is like brushing up your gears to make your car ready for the run.

Making your website keyword rich and optimizing in a manner that every page, content and image on your website contributes to its popularity. Popular website receives high traffic and more visits by audiences.


Social Listening & Brand Management

Listening is as important as talking. Social platforms offer the chance to audience to review a product. It is said that a negative comment reaches twice far as a positive comment.

If one customer is not happy with your product he can influence many others by his negative comment. A negative sentiment must always be addressed and resolved by the brand to pose a positive impact on fans.


Social Analytics & Insights

Social platforms are not only to convey your message but they provide you the opportunity to measure on how your fans/followers are reacting to your social content.

How convinced are they about using your brand or how likely they will refer your brand to others. With the help of many tools, we help brands to measure and analyse their strategy on social channels.