Complete solution for the management of the Corporate Fleet

MyFleet is a software for businesses who want a tool for Organizing their Corporate Fleet. With MyFleet Management Systems, the companies which have their own fleet can Control their Resources and Optimize the cost with this simple and intuitive software.

MyFleet allows to have at your hand the availability of the vehicles, the management of the fuel, of the insurances, fines, miles, and maintenance. At the same time also an instrument that allows the analysis of the cost center and the staff per employee!



Manage Vehicle


Manage Fuel


Manage Fines


Manage Insurances


Control Mileage


Analyse Cost Center


Manage Cost Per Employee

Some Important features of MyFleet includes

  • With this fleet management software you can set alerts for important deadlines like a driver license, insurances, stamp duty etc.
  • Manage the master data of fleet by dividing the fleet by category of vehicles.
  • Information relating to insurance is easily accessible and MyFleet bother to highlight the deadlines.
  • Manage the data regarding fuel and mileage for future inspections.
  • Track the income and expenses for each vehicle for operational use and maintenance.
  • Upload all the information related to the media or associated documents like registration certificate etc.
  • Keep track of all actions performed on the vehicle, which is essential for good operational management and economic fleet.
  • MyFleet can record and monitor the lease of each vehicle available, with detection of the detail of the installments.

Above are some important features of MyFleet Management Software which assist in runing the fleet organization.

You can also fix your Free Demo of the software with the company